1. On my LES, I noticed that more than one month’s premium was deducted. Why?

This is a result of a missed drill or pay issue. The National Guard finance system is set up to keep your premium current and your coverage in-force.
2.  I would like to update and/or change my SSLI certificate. How do I contact you?
You may contact your SSLI administrative office, Monday – Friday 0800-1700 EST at (800) 462-7441. Our experienced staff can assist you with updating coverage amounts, addresses, beneficiaries, and even provide you a duplicate certificate.
3.  I have already separated/retired from the National Guard.  Can I still change my SSLI coverage?
You may always decrease or cancel your SSLI coverage.  However, you can only apply for or increase your SSLI coverage while you are an active member of the National Guard.  We do have other individual programs available at competitive rates for former National Guard members, Retirees, and Veterans.
4.  I am separating/retiring from the National Guard.  How do I continue my SSLI coverage?
It is important to remember that you may continue your SSLI coverage at the same rates after you leave the National Guard. However, after separation/retirement, your military allotment will stop. You must contact our office and set up future premium payments. You may either pay by direct bill or by an automatic payment through a checking or savings account.
5. I can’t find any of my SSLI paperwork. How can I obtain copies of my coverage?

To request duplicate copies of your SSLI certificate, please call us at (800) 462-7441.
6. When I originally enrolled in SSLI, I was a tobacco user. Currently, I am not using tobacco. May I now apply for non-tobacco rates?

Yes, you may apply for non-tobacco rates. Depending on the type of coverage, you can't have used tobacco for at least 12 months and in some cases, up to 24 months. To apply for non-tobacco rate, we will need the results of a nicotine test. The cost of this test and the burden of proof is on the insured. Please contact our office for more information or to apply for non-tobacco rates.
7.  On your homepage, I noticed that your office doesn't administer my state's SSLI program.  Who should I contact?
Please contact your state’s National Guard Association for further information.